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The e-cigarette is an alternative to real cigarettes which provides almost the same sensations obtained by smoking conventional cigarettes.In a study conducted by the Boston University School of Public Health in 2010, e-cigarettes were confirmed as "designed to mitigate tobacco-related disease by reducing cigarette consumption and smoking rates", and identified as "a much safer alternative to tobacco cigarettes."



eVod eCigarettes
2 Pack eVod Black
80.00 €
eVod Kit Silver
50.00 €
2 Pack eVod Black - Gold Edition
120.00 €
2 Pack eVod White
80.00 €
eVod Kit White
50.00 €

eGo eCigarettes
Pack of 2 eGo CE 4 & 2 e-liquids
100.00 €
Electronic cigarette eGo-C complete Kit Black
45.00 €
Christmas Pack: eGo CE4 Complete Set
50.00 €
Electronic cigarette eGo-C complete Kit Purple
45.00 €
Pack of 2 eGo CE 4
80.00 €

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